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Founded in 1984 in Columbus, Ohio, AKSM has grown to be the most trusted provider of lithotripsy services to approximately 1,500 physicians in the United States. Urologist ownership gives AKSM a unique understanding of and alignment with the needs of physicians and a focus on the health of the patients they serve.

AKSM has over two decades of experience providing the highest clinical quality and most reliable service in the lithotripsy field and has translated that same level of commitment to the delivery of other related treatment modalities.

In recent years, AKSM has diversified to incorporate additional clinical modalities that serve physicians’ needs and ensure the continued growth of their investment.

Who we are:

Despite decreasing medical reimbursement, AKSM continues to thrive. This success comes from growing the business through quality, and controlling costs. AKSM shareholders have come to rely on steady returns as the organization continues to achieve consistent and strategic growth.

While recent high-profile corporate scandals have shaken the investment world and changed the investment landscape forever, AKSM has consistently delivered financial stability, honesty, and results to its investors. The reason—at AKSM, it’s about more than just the business of medicine. It’s about the partnership of talent and technology…science and strategy…reputation and resources.

At AKSM, excellence is not an option—it’s the standard. Built on a foundation of uncompromising quality in patient care and service, and supported by the use of the best available technology, AKSM contributes to the collective excellence of our country’s finest medical practitioners.