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Conflicts of Interest

We are committed to acting in good faith in all aspects of our work. We will avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance of conflicts, between the private interests of any employee and his or her work duties.

> We will avoid financial or business opportunities that conflict with AKSM’s best interest.

> We maintain unbiased relationships with actual and potential vendors and contractors.

> We will not offer, accept, or provide gifts or favors, such as meals, transportation or entertainment, that might be interpreted as a conflict of interest.

> We will not accept a gift that exceeds courtesy value and will never accept cash or cash equivalents in connection with our responsibilities.

> We will exercise good faith and fair dealing in all transactions that involve our responsibilities to the organization.

> We will not misuse our position for personal gain.

> We will not accept outside employment that conflicts with our position without prior approval from our supervisor.

> We will not hire or have a business relationship with a relative without prior approval from our supervisor.

> We report any actual or potential conflicts of interest concerning ourselves, family members or business interests.

> We do not use confidential or proprietary information of AKSM, or those with whom we do business, for personal gain or other advantage.